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Acting Headshots for Drama Students 05/02/18

Classic Headshot of Actor Sophienne Duncan by David Yiu

Its getting into the time of year where drama students are starting to think about and prepare for their showcases and, for most, their future career in acting outside of university/drama school. Part of this preparation is getting some professional acting headshots, for some this can be their very first set of headshots, recently I had the pleasure of shooting with some very talented drama students.

Sophienne Duncan is studying at the University of Chichester and came to the studio for another set professional set of actor headshots. Sophienne had had some experience in front of a camera and so was very quick at getting comfortable and relaxing into the headshot session.

We started the session by having a chat about the type of castings that Sophienne would like to be auditioning for and then had a look through the clothing options that she had brought with her. From here we started to select certain clothing options to pair with backdrops and lighting setups that could help us emphasise particular characters or looks.

Its important to have a think about the type of roles that you would like to play before heading to your actor headshot session as this will then give you a clear idea of the type of look you are trying to achieve from the session. It will also help your headshot photographer start to design lighting setups which can, along with clothing and backdrops, help show off a variety of characters and looks.

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I believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

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Classic Headshot of Actor Maisie Ayres by David Yiu

Maisie Ayres is a student at Sylvia Young’s Acting School and has had professional headshots taken at the school throughout her years there. While these headshots have worked for Maisie in the past, she only had time in her school headshots for one setup and so booked a longer session with me so that we could shoot a variety of different looks together.

The benefit of booking an acting headshot session with a professional headshot photographer is that you will get lots of time to discuss the session with your chosen photographer and also have them guide you through the entire process. Added to this is the fact that you will have enough time to really relax into the session and shoot multiple clothing options and backdrops that show off your range as an actor and different types of characters that your can portray.

Maisie was loads of fun to work with, we had a discussion at the start of our headshot session about what she liked about her last headshots and what she was looking to achieve from our session together. From here was starting shooting and, from her previous experience, she was very quick at getting into the flow of the session. By the end of the headshot session we had shot a wide variety of looks for different roles and I was very impressed with her talent!

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Studio Headshot of Actor Anna Barber by David Yiu

Anna Barber is a student at the Italia Conti of Theatre Arts and she is in her final year. She is starting to prepare for her final showcases and her life after drama school and so now was the right time for her to get some professional acting headshots!

Anna had never had any professional headshots taken before and so I started the session by walking her through the way that I run actor headshot sessions. Anna is a natural in front of a camera and also took direction very well, this meant that she was able to shoot a really large variety of shots that will give her a very large selection of character looks to choose from.

The thought of getting headshots taken can make most actors nervous but I believe that once you are comfortable in a session then the whole experience can be a fun and rewarding.

One way of getting comfortable even before the session is to ask your headshot photographer about anything you are unsure about, that could be down to what clothing to bring, hair and makeup to even if you can bring any music to the session with you. I find that when an actor knows what to expect during a headshot session then it really does help, always remember that your headshot photographer is there to work with you and to help you achieve awesome headshots that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Want to see what actors who have shot with me have said?

Testimonials are a great way of seeing what a session will be like as you can read about my previous clients experiences!

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For me, the thought of posing for headshots was one of dread as I hate smiling for cameras but David made it such a relaxed, easy, friendly and enjoyable experience that resulted in some great shots. I highly recommend him!

Victoria Whittaker
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