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Actor Headshot Sessions and Fashion Shoots in the Studio

Outdoor Headshot for Actress Ainsley Munro by David Yiu Photography

July has come and gone and it has been a busy time in the studio with acting headshots and also a fashion shoot for a client who is bound to be a very successful model in the future, here are a few of the many people who dropped by recently!

Ainsley Munro came by for her very first set of actor headshots, its always a pleasure as a headshot photographer to shoot an actor’s first set of headshots. It can be a daunting experience having professional headshots taken but Ainsley was brilliant at really getting into the shoot and was very quick to relax in front of camera.

I always feel its important to get to know every client when they come to the studio (sitting down with tea or coffee!) and walk them through the whole process right from the start as I find that this way I can answer any questions that they have and really help settle them into the headshot session.

Want to know what shooting with me is like?

Its always nice to be able to have an idea of how the shoot will go before you book your session with a headshot photographer and so here is some information about what a headshot session with me is like!

See how we work together here

Classic Headshot for Actress Ainsley Munro by David Yiu Photography
Studio Headshot for Actress Ainsley Munro by David Yiu Photography
Dramatic Headshot for Actress Caroline Roussel by David Yiu Photography

French actress Caroline Roussel had a headshot session as she is getting back into acting after taking time off to have and care for her baby, now she is looking to do more tv and film work and so wanted to update her acting headshots.

It was important to get a range of looks so that she can apply for a whole variety of roles, we achieved this by changing clothing, hair and makeup, backdrops and lighting to really showcase her versatility as an actor.

Your Headshot Photographer will always be able to give you headshot tips and advice on clothing, hair and makeup, and will be able to then help choose the right backdrop and lighting that can then accentuate the character look that you are looking to achieve. It is amazing how much of a difference can be made to your look with a few changes to the previous items.

Want to have a look at my headshot portfolio?

I truly believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

Take a look

Urban Headshot for Actress Caroline Roussel by David Yiu Photography
Strong Light Headshot for Actress Caroline Roussel by David Yiu Photography
Outdoor Headshot for Actress Caroline Roussel by David Yiu Photography
Fashion 1 Portrait for Model Caroltta Weitzel

A slight break from shooting actor headshots was when Carlotta Weitzel came for a fashion shoot, she was scouted by Elite Model Agency a few years ago and is now looking to move into the fashion world as a potential career. Carlotta had never been in a photoshoot before so this was a brand new experience, however looking at the results you would never be able to tell.

One of the main reasons that Caroltta’s shots work so well is that she was completely confident in front of camera, being in front of a camera can be a very isolating experience but if you can turn that feeling around then all of your shots will benefit.

Its very easy for me to write that you just need to be confident but the reality when you are in a shoot is very different, however your photographer be that a headshot photographer or a fashion photographer is there to work with you and to make you comfortable throughout the shoot so that you don’t feel alone in the session and as a result make you more relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Want to see my Headshot Session Packages and Book?

I'll make sure that you'll always be able to have a relaxed, fun time in your Headshot Session, you'll never be rushed and I take time to get to know you as an person and what you want from the session!

Session Packages start at £150 with Student Discounts available!

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Fashion 2 Portrait for Model Caroltta Weitzel
Beauty Fashion 1 Portrait for Model Caroltta Weitzel
Fashion 3 Portrait for Model Caroltta Weitzel
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I'm a London Actor Headshot Photographer. Having studied film at university, I moved into a career in photography and which has taken me from film sets and live events to product launches for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now a dedicated Headshot Photographer, I believe each session should be fun and enjoyable, working closely alongside each client, helping to find the shots they deserve to take them to the next level.

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David was a fantastic photographer with a great energy and enthusiasm. He immediately made me feel relaxed and confident and I love the range of looks and moods he got out of me during out session. I would highly recommend him.

Matt Colyer
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