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Finding the best Actor Headshot Photographer for you!

Actor Headshot of Romayne Andrews by David Yiu

Actor Headshots, every actor needs them and it doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of drama school or have been an actor for years there are a lot of headshot photographers to choose from and so how do you find the right photographer for you?

When you are first looking for a headshot photographer to work with it can be really helpful to look at casting websites and their photographer directories like Spotlight and Mandy. This way you can be sure that the photographer is going to have experience shooting acting headshots and will be able to guide you through the whole process and deliver awesome shots for you to use in your career.

Some of best ways to narrow down your list of headshot photographers are to have a budget in mind, ask for recommendations from other actors and your agent if you have one, browse by location and your travel requirements, think about how many headshots that you need and the different packages that photographers offer. Every headshot photographer has their own style of actor headshots and so its important to have a look at different photographers and find the right style of headshots that would work for your career.

Want to have a look at my headshot portfolio?

I believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

Take a Look Here!

Actor Headshot of Laura Roberge by David Yiu

Another place to look while shortlisting your choice of headshot photographers are their testimonials as this can very quickly allow you to see what previous clients thought and also let you know what a headshot session will be like. Casting sites like Mandy have lots of testimonials attached to headshot photographers and even simply using Google you can find lots of awesome headshot photographers with loads of testimonials from previous actors who have worked with them.

Once you have started to narrow down you choice of photographers to work with the next thing to do is look at all of the headshot packages that they offer and if you have any questions then do get in touch with them to find out more information. Every actor headshot photographer will be more than happy to answer any questions and lots have detailed information on their sites about what the sessions are like and how they work with you to achieve the results that you want.

When you have made your choice of photographer to work with and have booked a headshot session with them have a read through any information that they will have sent regarding the shoot. As a London Headshot Photographer I send out and information guide that has advice on clothing, makeup, hair and generally what to expect during the session, I find this is a great way to answer questions that actors may have before the session and also the things to think about before the shoot.

Want to see what actors who have shot with me have said?

Testimonials are a great way of seeing what a session will be like as you can read about my previous clients experiences!

Read loads of Testimonials here

Actor Headshot of Sophienne Duncan by David Yiu

On the day of your headshot session make sure that you leave plenty of time to get to the shoot, I tend to find public transport seems to run late a lot of the time and so planning to arrive to your session early will mean that you aren’t stressing if a train is delayed at all.

All Acting Headshot Photographers are here to work for you and to make sure that you get the best headshots possible for your career, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you may have during the session as we all want our clients to feel as comfortable as relaxed as possible as it really shows in your final shots.

I always want every client to have an awesome time throughout the entire process of getting their actor headshots, from first seeing my work as a headshot photographer to the delivery of the final images. I have found throughout the years that the more information that clients have the better they feel when heading into the headshot session, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you have and then most of all, enjoy your shoot!

Want to see my Headshot Session Packages and Book a shoot?

I'll make sure that you'll always be able to have a relaxed, fun time in your Headshot Session, you'll never be rushed and I take time to get to know you as an person and what you want from the session!

Session Packages start at £150 with Student Discounts available!

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David Yiu - London Actor Headshot Photographer

About David Yiu

I'm a London Actor Headshot Photographer. Having studied film at university, I moved into a career in photography and which has taken me from film sets and live events to product launches for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now a dedicated Headshot Photographer, I believe each session should be fun and enjoyable, working closely alongside each client, helping to find the shots they deserve to take them to the next level.

See more of my Headshot work here!

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Finding the best Actor Headshot Photographer for you!

Finding the best Actor Headshot Photographer for you!

Actor Headshots, every actor needs them and it doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of drama school or have been an actor for years there are a lot of headshot photographers to choose from and so how do you find the right photographer for you?

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David gave a professional and welcoming environment. I felt very comfortable working with him and his positive and encouraging attitude meant we got through all the outfits without any time wasted. I was extremely pleased with the finished products and at a reasonable price too. I have already recommended David to other students in my profession and would insist on anyone looking for good quality photos for a minimum price to check out David's work.

Jim Crawley
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