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Getting your first set of Professional Acting Headshots

Dramatic Headshot of actor Lewis Greenwood by David Yiu

Acting is one of the few careers in life where there is no barrier to entry, of course it can really help to study Acting at drama school / university but it is also a profession that is available to anyone who wants to try. As an Photographer who specialises in Actor Headshots this is what I love as I work with people from all walks of life from drama students to someone switching careers later in life to actors who have been performing all of their lives. The one thing that all of these people have in common though is a need for Acting Headshots that can help them stand out from the crowd and show off their range as a professional actor.

If you are someone who is just starting on your journey with acting, a professional headshot might not be at the top of your list of things to get done, however as soon as you start applying for castings and auditions, your headshot is one of your most important tools as for many instants this will be the first impression that you give an agent or casting director. By working with a headshot photographer you will be able to create a portfolio of shots that you can then use for the type of roles that you want to audition for, you will have the benefit of their experience when it comes to knowing how to light you, frame you and direct you so that your acting Headshots help you stand out when a casting director has a multitude of people to look through!

Want to have a look at my headshot portfolio?

I believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

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Studio Headshot of actor Ishbel Cumming by David Yiu
Outdoor Headshot of actor Drew Hartland by David Yiu
Bright Headshot of actor Jessica Simmons by David Yiu
Bright Headshot of actor Charlotte Tilley by David Yiu

One of the most important things to do when getting your first set of Headshots for acting is to find a professional headshot photographer who’s style you really love, that way you know from the start the type of Headshots that you will come away with. Once you are all booked in, have a read through any information about the session that your photographer has sent you and remember to ask any questions that you might have before the session as it will allow you to be more relaxed going into the shoot!

Nearly everyone is nervous when it come to the day of getting headshots taken, but remember that during the session, your headshot photographer is there to help, guide and work with you to achieve the looks that you or your agent want and so have a chat with them about the type of roles that you are looking to be cast in as they will then be able to talk you through clothing, backdrops, lighting that would work best for you. This way you will understand their process a lot better and that will hopefully take away your nerves!

Want to know what shooting with me is like?

Its always nice to be able to have an idea of how the shoot will go before you book your session with a headshot photographer and so here is some information about what a headshot session with me is like!

See how we work together here

Studio Headshot of actor Callum Marshall by David Yiu
Classic Headshot of actor Jade Aboderin by David Yiu
Outdoor Headshot of actor Gregory Layhe by David Yiu
Classic Headshot of actor Tomi Sunmonu by David Yiu

After the shoot and when you have received your gallery of images, a headshot tip that I give all of my clients is to have an initial look through and select some favourite shots and then to take a break for a little while and come back to the gallery as well as getting another set of eyes to look through as well. Agents, drama teachers, friends and family are really useful as it will give you another perspective on your Headshots and you might find some shots that would work really well for certain roles that you have missed.

Overall the process of getting your acting headshots should be a really enjoyable experience, while it can be daunting to think about, by finding and working with the right photographer you can have a headshot session that you will really enjoy and have Actor headshots that work the best for you!

Want to see my Headshot Session Packages and Book?

I'll make sure that you'll always be able to have a relaxed, fun time in your Headshot Session, you'll never be rushed and I take time to get to know you as an person and what you want from the session!

Session Packages start at £150 with Student Discounts available!

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I'm a London Actor Headshot Photographer. Having studied film at university, I moved into a career in photography and which has taken me from film sets and live events to product launches for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now a dedicated Headshot Photographer, I believe each session should be fun and enjoyable, working closely alongside each client, helping to find the shots they deserve to take them to the next level.

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David is a fantastic photographer and lovely to work with. I felt really at ease in his studio and he knows how to instruct you to get the right shots. I'm really pleased with the variety of different feeling headshots David produced, and he was very helpful re retouching. Thanks again, the session was a bargain :)

Lucie Parmiter
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