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Professional Acting Headshot Sessions 17/11/17

Classic Headshot of actor Keenan Chiasson by David Yiu

Here in today’s post are some recent actor headshot sessions with very talented actors the have come by the studio for their first set of professional acting headshots.

Keenan Chiasson is an American actor who is studying at Rose Bruford College, he wanted to get a range of shots that could be used for both tv an theatre. We shot with a variety of different backdrops and lighting setups to cover a more clean and classic style of actor headshot and also a few modern styles of headshot looks.

During the shoot, Keenan had a shave so that he could also have a headshot with a clean shaven look, for guys this is a really great idea as it means you can get 2 quite different looks very easily. In the same way for actresses with long hair and changing the style can make a big change, shaving for guys can change the character perception and age range, this is a headshot tip that I give all guys if they have any stubble or beard.

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Studio Headshot of actor Keenan Chiasson by David Yiu
Dramatic Headshot of actor Keenan Chiasson by David Yiu
Outdoor Headshot of actor Keenan Chiasson by David Yiu
Outdoor Brick Headshot of actor James Fawcett by David Yiu

James Fawcett is also an actor studying at Rose Bruford College, he came to studio for his first set of actor headshots and he absolutely nailed it! Having your first set of professional headshots done can be a nervous thought, but my job as a headshot photographer is to guide you through the process and James was a great client to work with, by having a chat about the types of roles and characters that James would want to play allowed us to quickly come up with set ups that would really work for him.

As a London Headshot Photographer I get the opportunity to work with all types of actors from drama students who are just starting their career in the acting world to actors who have been in the business for many years, and for a lot of people getting professional acting headshots done is a daunting process. I always want to make every actor who walks through my studio door as comfortable as possible and so we always have a chat about their career and the process of the headshot session this way everything can be explained and the client can start to enjoy the session.

As with all headshot photography you will always get your best headshots when you are comfortable and enjoying the session! Research photographers and have a look at their style of work and see what you like, then if you have any questions for them don’t be afraid to ask, headshot photographers are here to work with you and help you get the very best headshots possible. When you arrive at your session have a chat with them about what you are looking to achieve and they types of castings that you or your agent wants to go for. If it is your first set of actor headshots let you photographer guide you through the process as it will make it much easier for you to get comfortable and relax throughout the session!

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I believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

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Outdoor Headshot of actor James Fawcett by David Yiu
Studio Headshot of actor James Fawcett by David Yiu
Classic Headshot of actor James Fawcett by David Yiu
David Yiu - London Actor Headshot Photographer

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I'm a London Actor Headshot Photographer. Having studied film at university, I moved into a career in photography and which has taken me from film sets and live events to product launches for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now a dedicated Headshot Photographer, I believe each session should be fun and enjoyable, working closely alongside each client, helping to find the shots they deserve to take them to the next level.

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Have always dreaded getting headshots taken. I'm (obviously) not a model, and unlike any other photographer I've used David was extremely adept at putting me at ease and directing my actions and thoughts to achieve some great results.

Sean Meyer
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