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Professional Actor Headshots 04/04/18

Headshot of actor Romayne Andrews by David Yiu

Another month has past and I’ve had lots of actors come to the studio for their acting headshots. Its always really fun to work with a whole range of actors whole are at different stages of their careers and who are looking for different things in each actor headshot session. Below are just a few of the many actors that have been to the studio in the last couple of weeks!

Romayne Andrews is currently touring with the Royal Shakespeare Company and performing the role of Rosencrantz in “Hamlet”, he wanted to update his current headshots as he wanted to have some shots in his portfolio where he is clean shaven as it makes him look younger.

The first thing that we did when Romayne arrived was to sit and have a chat about what roles he was looking to go for and what his agent wanted as well. From here we started to discuss the types of backdrops and lighting setups that would work well for those roles and then paired those choices with the clothing that he had brought.

As a headshot photographer it is my job to help guide actors through the entire process of the acting headshot session and part of this is knowing what setups - lighting/backdrops/clothing - work well for particular looks. However, for me it is always a process of collaboration between myself and every actor to make sure that they are happy with every setup and that they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire shoot, I explain what the different lights and modifiers do for look and feel of each setup and get feed back during the shoot on what every actor likes or doesn’t like about each setup.

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Headshot of actor Katherine Gray by David Yiu

Katherine Gray Is returning to acting and wanted to get a broad range of headshots that would work for a variety of different roles and age ranges. To make sure that we would cover the types of roles that she wanted to go for we had a chat about her career and then started to talk about the setups that we were going to use for the headshots session.

Katerine was great at really going for all of the different expressions and character emotions that we planned and it meant that she had a really broad range of shots, in addition to this she was able to drastically change her hair style in between every setup and that really helped change her look. With actor headshots the goal is to showcase your range as an actor and also your different looks, with women it can be changing the styling of hair and changing makeup and with men it is normally changing hair style and shaving if they have a beard.

Clothing also makes a big difference when it comes to character looks in actor headshots, I always send out an information guide to anyone who is coming to the studio for an acting headshot session which has advice on the types of clothing that tends to work well for these types of shoots. For certain clothing choices its always good to have particular characters in mind, while most clothing for headshots is fairly generic, plain shirt for example, by choosing clothing for a certain character type you can really influence the look of the headshot and sell a character right off of the bat.

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I believe in giving you a large variety of looks when you have a headshot session with me. My goal is to give you a selection of shots that show your range as an actor and most importantly get you seen! Take a look at some more of my work with lots of other actors!

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Headshot of actor Miriam Melville by David Yiu

Miriam Melville let me know when she booked a headshot session with me that she thought she was rubbish at getting headshots taken, I was recommended by an actor friend who had shot with me in past and he had recommended me to her. While Miriam might have been nervous before the headshot session she was awesome during the shoot and we were able to get some great acting headshots very easily!

We made cups of tea and had a chat about where she was in her career and the roles that she wants to go for, we also discussed the different types of looks that she had brought with her and the setups that would work well. We talked about the advantages of different lighting setups, the styles they help achieve and from there we started shooting. Its always a strange experience when you start sitting in front of a camera for actor headshots but with the right guidance from your headshot photographer it will very quickly become a really enjoyable experience!

It can be daunting having headshots taken, very few actors want to go through the process, but by having a chat with your headshot photographer before the shoot and asking any questions you might have allows you to get a feel for what the session is going to be like and can dispel any fears that you have. I always make sure that every client feels comfortable and knows everything that is going on during the headshot session as this allows us to collaborate in a relaxed manner for most importantly for every actor to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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Testimonials are a great way of seeing what a session will be like as you can read about my previous clients experiences!

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Fantastic guy who provides fantastic headshots. Really chilled and relaxing atmosphere; David talked me through everything and asked me what I wanted to get out of the session before starting. At the end of it got myself some brilliant headshots and had a really great time getting them!

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