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Hi there, I'm David Yiu, a Photographer who specialises in Actor Headshots.

I'm based in London and I work with a whole variety of people, from the extremely confident to the very shy. I’m easy going and work hard to provide you with an AWESOME Headshot Portfolio which will show your range as an actor and importantly, get you work.

Matt Colyer
Gabriela Toloi
Tiwai Muza

David must be one of the best headshot photographers in the business. His relaxed manner puts you instantly at ease.

Russell Kilmister
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Alaina Barnes Mathews
Kostas Tekkis
Helga Ragnarsdóttir
Santo Tripodi

All of my sessions are friendly and relaxed.

When you arrive, we will be able to sit down in a comfortable environment with a cup of tea or coffee and discuss the shoot ahead and the type of headshots that you are looking to achieve.

How we'd work together

Ian Morine
Busayo Ige
Francis Quigley
Layla Chowdhury

I was so impressed by my session with David. Incredibly relaxed, professional and efficient. Extremely happy with the shots; the whole experience from top to bottom was excellent!

Veronique Piercy
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Holli Dillon
Russel Kilmister
Amber Beaty

Professional and Affordable Headshot Sessions from £150.

I have three packages to choose from, ranging from £150 to £340, with a student discount option available.

What you get with my packages

Jane Hibbs
Sebastian Freeman
Rebecca Hutchins
Alex James

David was a fantastic photographer with a great energy and enthusiasm. He immediately made me feel relaxed and confident and I love the range of looks and moods he got out of me during out session. I would highly recommend him!

Matt Colyer
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Cheyenna Homersham
Scott Scollen
Ella Clarke
Imogen Weston

I create a range of styles.

When you shoot with me, you will end up with a large range of looks and styles to complement your career and help get you work!

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